Off Grid Tools: Designed to keep you at your best when things are at their worst

There is nothing quite like heading out on a trip that’s more about the journey than the destination. Wandering through remote backcountry, while nights pass camping under the stars, completely connecting with each moment.

Trips like this also requires you to be independent and self-reliant while in the field, which starts with having rugged and dependable equipment. But you need a lot more than just dependability, you need functionality. Whether your planning for a backpacking trip, or looking to equip your adventure rig or RV, generally you want gear designed to keep you safe and comfortable while exploring far off the grid.

One of the best tools you can take with you on a trip off the beaten path is an axe, and Off Grid Tools’ Survival Axe Elite is one that won’t disappoint.

For starters, the best back country gear is multifunctional, and the OGT Survival Axe Elite has no shortfalls in functions boasting 31 features integrated from the axe head to the handle. Aside from the obvious axe edge, the head of this tool includes a variety of hex-head socket sizes, a hammer head and claw, bottle opener, wire cutter, nail puller, gas valve shut off wrench, and more.

Built into the ergonomically designed, 33% glass-filled nylon handle is a comfortable and secure feel in hand, and contains a foldable hacksaw blade, steel glass punch, seatbelt cutter, and more.

Measuring in at just 11.70 inches in length and weighing in at a mere 1.60 pounds it just might be the most important item you bring with you into the backcountry.

In addition to the Survival Axe Elite we tested another of Off Grid Tools products the OGT Companion Pro. A tough multitool that was designed with the outdoorsman in mind.

At just 4.50 inches long and weighing only .27 pounds, this durable aluminum bodied tool contains the essentials to keep you at your best when things are at their worst. Compass, Thermometer, can and bottle openers, screwdriver, multiple hex wrench sizes, 109 dB whistle, ferrocerium fire starter and magnesium tinder rods, are place smartly in the body of the tool and fits in the palm of your hand.

The product line for OGT does not stop there, offering a variety of other tools to fit your outdoor adventure needs.

Our overall take is simple, if you are a serious outdoorsman looking for quality equipment at an attractive price then you should consider the Off Grid Tools line of products.

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