New Funcl headphones hit the market, not the wallet

By Cameron Lewis

With over 1.2 billion songs streamed per day, music is something 91% of Americans can’t live without.

People listen to music on their daily commute, at the gym, in the office and even in elevators (even though it’s not everyone’s preferred music) It makes people feel good and helps block out the distractions of day-to-day life so we can focus and do what needs to get done.

To fully connect with the music you’re streaming you’ll want a good pair of headphones. Ones that you can take everywhere you go, connect wirelessly and provide a full days worth of battery life, and of course offer premium sound.

The only problem is that most headphones that fit the guidelines above will run you about $200 which I personally refuse to pay.

When Funcl, a headphone company made up of sound engineers that previously worked for Harman Audio, decided to create a portable Bluetooth headphone with quality sound and modern designs I couldn’t help but order a set of both the W1, the Bose SoundSport Free lookalike, and the Al, the Apple AirPod lookalike. With the cost being nearly half the price of the other brand name competitors I couldn’t resist.

At first I was a little skeptical about the company as I have never heard about it before and it’s still in it’s beginning stages. However after testing these products out for nearly 3 months I can tell you that Funcl really put a lot of thought into the design and functionality of both the W1 and Al headphones.

To start off both sets come in slim charging cases. The Al being slightly larger and offering more advanced features than the W1 has a slightly larger charging case but is still small compared to other brands cases.

The headphones lock into the case with magnets and light up to show when they are charged.

Taking them out of the case you’ll instantly be amazed to know they offer a boat load of features such as Bluetooth 5.0, meaning you can use them with any Bluetooth capable device unlike Apple’s AirPods, an IPX5 rating, meaning I can go for a run in the rain or drop them in a puddle and they’d still work as they should, and touch controls so I can answer phone calls, pause the music and control the volume without ever taking my phone out of my pocket.

I’ve personally never had an issue with the Bluetooth connection and like that I can go from listening to music from my phone to listening to music from my computer with a single touch on the side of the headphones.

Finding a set of headphones that I feel comfortable wearing in almost any environment, has the capability to connect to any one of my devices and offers premium sound quality for under $150 used to be impossible. With the Funcl W1 currently being $49 and the Funcl Al being $79 I can say Funcl is now my go to wireless headphone company.
Check them out on Indie GoGo.

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