Keeping stride with the PaMu Scroll wireless earbuds

The recent release of the PaMu Scoll wireless earbuds has taken off with over 5,000 backers to its recent development campaign, reaching PadMate’s goal within two hours. During our recent gear review it was easy to see why they are so popular and how PadMate responded quickly to improve on their previous wireless earbud model released earlier this year.

Right out of the box the auto-pairing function was simple and by just take the earbuds out of charging box, connect it with your smartphone you are ready to go in just seconds. Intuitive touch controls with microphone allow you play music and take calls, all without taking your smartphone out of your pocket.

The ergonomic design makes the earbuds never-drop and stay comfortably seated in your ear, and are designed to keep rain and moisture out so you can focus on whatever activity you are engaged in.

The technical advancement and miniaturization to the new PaMu Scroll earphones make the scroll earbuds about half the size of the PaMu X13 and are packed with much better technology based on Bluetooth 5.0 and improved sound. Staying true to the original design, the PaMu earbuds have a subtle oval-shaped button on the face of the device, and the unit fits flush into your outer ear, making them less noticeable than the original design.

The earbud’s charging pod is a sleek leather-wrapped case and a small attachable accessory makes the battery case a wirelessly powered device.

These Earbuds can be purchased for $39 at super-early bird price. $49 at regular backer price. $149 retail after Indiegogo funding round. For more information visit

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