Everyone needs an adventure vehicle

Everyone needs an adventure vehicle. The thing is, it does not have to be what the mainstream industry is trying to make you think it should be.

I still remember my first adventure vehicle. It was a 1989 Nissan Sentra that I purchased from my grandfather when I was 17. It was stock in every way, from the wheels and tires to the radio and speakers, nothing was upgraded. I use to joke that any girl who dated me  must like me because they were not into me for my car.

My best friend Max and I had just started getting seriously into mountain biking and I needed a reliable car that could get two broke students and wannabe pro riders from race to race. Living in southern New Mexico meant we had to travel significant distances to get to where we needed to go to train and race.

Each Friday night or early Saturday morning we would double the value of my car by strapping on the trunk mounted bike rack and loading up the bikes and gear. Fueled by homemade breakfast burritos and coffee from my awesome girlfriend Yenet (and now wife), Max and I would hit the road to our next adventure.

When my car finally took its last trip down the gravel road to the junkyard in the sky it was a sad day. I learned to drive in that car, I taught Yenet to drive in that car, and it had been the key to my freedom and passion for the outdoors.

Since then my other adventure vehicles have come and gone. I have travelled across the country, climbed mountain roads, hauled campers and boats, and strapped kayaks to the roof. But there has always been the fondest memories of a distant time when things were simpler, and my adventures began sitting behind the wheel of a light blue 1989 Nissan Sentra with a standard transmission, windows cranked down and the AM/FM cassette player blasting tunes through a pair of 6” speakers mounted in the doors.

Your adventure awaits and how you get there is up to you.


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