Beats on a budget with the PaMu wireless earphones

There are many benefits to be had when one cuts the wire and switches to wireless earphones, but many people hesitate to invest in a product not knowing if the design works and fits well. Even more questions arise about if they should stick to name brands and industry leaders, or if the same fit, battery life, and sound performance can be found in a lesser known brand.

We recently tried the PaMu wireless earphones by Padmate, to help answer a few of these questions and see if they could provide True Wireless Stereo earphones at an attractive price to those on a limited budget.

“Padmate has worked in the audio industry for over 17 years and have developed and fabricated for majors brands such as Monster, Intel, Huawei and Xiaomi,” said Owen Zhang, marketing director of PaMu wireless earphones. “We know that good TWS earphones in the U.S. are around $150 and ours will retail around $109. This pricing does not mean the quality is bad, but instead we want to attract the best consumers by offering the lowest price.”

Testing began smoothly as pairing to our Android and Apple devices was quick and easy, and the auto connection feature made it quick to use right out of the charging station.

The earphones feature Intuitive Touch Control, making the earbuds easy to control through the microphone and touch system. It was easy to take calls and play music, while leaving our smartphone in our pocket.

During our testing, we found that the PaMu earphone’s ergonomic design ensured that whoever wears the earbuds can enjoy a high level of comfort and be confident that the earbuds won’t fall out, even during a rigorous workout routine. The earbuds are designed to work well and to fit comfortably for both men and women with changeable ear tips and wing tips, and the battery life lasted long enough for prolonged activities.

The PaMu earbuds were used without worrying about rain or moisture levels damaging them and we could stay focused on enjoying our activities. During our testing, we took them along for a trail run while it was raining, and regularly worked up a sweat in the gym with no effect on the audio performance or secure fit.

“By using a water-repellent sealing design, we keep the inside dry and fully functional,” said Zhang. “These earbuds aren’t afraid of sweat or rain and now bad weather can’t be an excuse to skip a workout.”

Overall the PaMu earphones performed at or better than we expected in all areas. The easy charging, easy connect and comfortable fit made them a quick favorite. If name brand is not a priority and you are looking for great performing earphones on a budget then the PaMu earphones by PadMate are for you.

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