New Year, New Adventures

Is it too late for a New Year resolution? I would argue that anytime is a good time to plan for a better you. If you’re anything like me, this New Year snuck up like a thief in the night, stole my focus and left me feeling helpless and violated as I searched to reclaim some sort of control over my life’s direction.

I ended last year, and began the new, slightly over extended in my professional responsibilities. Sent to the East Coast for a temporary assignment, I have missed most of the prime 2017 hiking season for Arizona. With this dip in activity, paired with over indulging during the holiday season, I feel like I am in the worst physical shape of my life.

It could be that I am getting older (just hit the big 4-0), or that my absence in the outdoors has led to some sort of magnification to my self-criticism, but I feel sluggish and doughy. Mentally I have been less focused and more fatigue with no motivation to change my position at all.

Well all of that ends today.

Rather than wait for something to present itself, I am going to fall back on what has led to my personal successes in the past and start making something happen.

It begins with this first blog post.

Over the last year I have experienced some amazing gains in my professional career. After serving in the Army for nearly seven years as an explosive ordnance disposal technician (Army bomb squad), I switched to the Air National Guard as a military photojournalist.

I had some previous experience in public affairs and working as a public information officer so this seemed like a great way to continue to serve but also align my military duties with my civilian career path.

I have always worked in some capacity in the outdoor industry as a wilderness guide, gear tester, search and rescue canine handler, or freelancer writer and photographer. I began Cairns Outdoor Media as a way to align my outdoor ventures in hopes of my long term goal of becoming a self-sustained outdoor freelancer.

As Cairns gained momentum, so did my full time career, forcing me to again place things in a holding pattern.

This year I plan to realign my priorities in hopes to also regain control over my future self.

As my temporary assignment here on the East Coast begins to wind down, I want to put myself in a position to hit the ground running when I get back to by normal life, literally.

I have started a regular workout routine that mixes some overall body toning and flexibility with cardio building. I am focused on leaning out and strengthening my core and lower back. Wearing 80+ pound bomb suits, lifting robots and other gear has made my core and back more vulnerable to injury and I want to prevent any long term issues related to these areas.

I want to get out on the trail more. To accomplish this want to begin section hiking the Arizona Trail this year, in hopes to complete the entire scenic trail routine within two years. The 800-mile, 43 passage, Arizona Trail traverses the whole north–south length of Arizona from Mexico to Utah. Think of it as a mini AT or PCT but with all the views and adventures. This will not only be a great personal accomplishment but provide focus to my workout routine as I look for ways to keep motivated and on track.

Lastly, I want to keep focused on Cairns. I hope to provide updates to my workout progress, experiences on the trail, and more gear reviews.

My wife and two boys are just as adventurous as I am and with their help and shared desires this should be a much easier task to accomplish than going at it alone.

I hope that this motivates you as well. It is not too late to start a personal goal. Keep visiting Cairns Outdoor Media and follow my journey, and you will see it may not be a smooth ride but it will be entertaining.

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